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Jon Lake's SW7 Journey

"With what Sam Warburton had achieved in his career I knew that the Academy would provide the structure, expertise, and discipline I needed to be able to be able to hit my goals."
Jon Lake's incredible before and after transformation using SW7's strength and conditioning plan

Jon Lake – 41 – Strength & Power


What was your training like before SW7 Academy?

I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I would go into the gym, chat to my mates and make up my session as I went along. I felt like I was lacking structure, I wasn’t tracking my weights so there wasn’t any progressive overload.

Why did you decide to join SW7 Academy?
With what Sam Warburton had achieved in his career I knew that the Academy would provide the structure, expertise, and discipline I needed to be able to be able to hit my goals.

With paying for online training on top of my existing gym membership I felt like it would give me that added level of accountability that you don’t get from training on your own.


How is SW7 Academy different to what you have done before?

I was impressed with the level of detail in the programming and why certain exercises were programmed and the reasoning behind it. With this my knowledge around training for strength and power has significantly increased. The membership quickly took me away from poor programming and that ‘bro split’ , I was now training with much more focus and purpose for a specific goal. It completely changed my mindset and perception of training, it taught me that you don’t have to be training 6 times a week and be in the gym for hours at a time to get results. I liked that it was straight to the point and time efficient, it is structured in such a way that fits my lifestyle.


What have you achieved in your time with the Academy?

Bodyweight wise there is only a few kilos different but from the photos you’ll see body composition wise it is chalk and cheese. I am 41 and my strength has come on massively from where I was before. I think because there is such a focus on mobility around the workouts I feel and move much better and general wellbeing has improved massively.


Would you recommend SW7 Academy to a friend and why?

Yes absolutely!

I look at what other personal trainers and online coaches charge for what is an overpriced cookie cutter approach and SW7 Academy provides so much more than that, what SW7 Academy charges for the service they provide really is second to none.

Sam is someone who has actually been there and done it. Their approach isn’t a short term and unsustainable, it is structured to help you in the long run.

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