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Performance Academy

The Performance Academy is an exclusive group inside of SW7 Academy for athletes who want to perform optimally.
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Performance Academy

Reach Your Full Potential at SW7's Performance Academy


We are pleased to announce we are now accepting members for SW7's exclusive Performance Academy.

What You Will Receive

-    Bespoke programming written specifically for you by our coaches.

-    Exclusive community for Performance Academy members with coach interaction.

-    Monthly group calls with Sam Warburton and special guest speakers.

-    Early bird access to merchandise and special events.

An SW7 Academy coach will take an onboarding call with you to find out your training history, your goals and what you want to achieve from the programme. They will then write a programme specifically for you and all will be delivered through our training app.

This service was created for those who want to really push their performance to the next level. Through our Performance Academy, we are offering a rare opportunity for you to work with professional level S&C coaches and to gain insight from some of the best coaches and players in the world. We know what it takes for you to get to that top level and can give you the blueprint to do so.

In addition to our elite level performance programmes we also offer a range of programmes to suit every goal. Whether you're looking to become a professional athlete, lose weight, or gain muscle, we have something for you. Don't let anything hold you back from reaching your full potential - join us and see what you can achieve.

I’ve learnt more in the past 6 months with Chris and SW7 Academy than I have in the past 10 years training on my own.

Chris is very knowledgeable and passionate about strength and conditioning, the plan he designed took into account my training goals whilst also being understanding of my lifestyle, work commitments and social life.

Within 2 months of starting the programme I was hitting PR’s in my compound lifts whilst also seeing improvements in my balance, power and rate of force.

SW7 Academy is a great service and if you want to take your training to the next level and actually achieve results, I cannot recommend them highly enough” - Peter Anwell

Join Now

To sign up for the Performance Academy, please click here. You'll shortly receive confirmation of your entry to the programme via email, where you'll get access to the exclusive SW7 app and your first steps.

If you want more information please contact

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Take a look at our various programme offerings

At the Academy we have something to suit everyone. From Online Training Programmes, our in person Lifting Club, VIP coaching and even Combine Testing Days!

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Train Online

Our online programmes are designed to give everyone access to elite level Strength and Conditioning programming wherever they are in the world. We created these programmes because we had a huge lack of Strength and Conditioning guidance growing up and wasted years with trial and error in our own training. We don’t want that to happen to anyone else.
Coaches looking at a laptop discussing the best app for weight training
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Performance Academy

The Performance Academy is an exclusive group inside of SW7 Academy for athletes who want to perform optimally. This service was created for those who want to really push their performance to the next level. We are offering a rare opportunity for you to work with professional-level S&C coaches and to gain insight from some of the best coaches and players in the world.
Sam working out using his rugby gym programme doing pre season rugby fitness drills
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We work with clubs around the UK and internationally to really help drive rugby development. We aim to provide programming for those who could lend on the extensive experience of Sam Warburton, Chris and Josh on how to get fitter, stronger, faster and more powerful.
Team completing team fitness training, using exercises from the best app for weight training
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Nutrition is a HUGE element of changing your body composition, either losing body fat and becoming leaner or gaining muscle mass. This is why all training programmes come with our personalised nutrition programme as standard. 
Men talking looking at mobile phone discussing the best gym workout app
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Lifting Club

The Lifting Club is our in person, face to face group coaching programme which is held at the University Of South Wales at their elite training facility. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to experience what it’s like training as part of a professional sports team.
Sam completing a strength and conditioning plan, performing landmine romanian deadlift
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Combine Days

Our Combine Days are where players and teams can come and get tested for everything Strength and Conditioning based. Strength, Speed and Power.
Sam squatting as part of his workout plan for rugby players and Chris watching and testing him
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a look at what some of our members say

We pride ourselves on giving not only world class programming but a support system that is second to none and and unbelievable community to help support everyone on their journey.

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Cannot recommend SW7 enough! The plans themselves speak for themselves with the results they share on social media alongside my own! I came back from a knee injury in rugby that put a serious mental block in the gym and of course playing. Since starting the programme my strength etc has increased significantly and I feel much more confident in terms of playing now. Not only that but the community itself is amazing! The guys on FB always help each other and Sam and Josh treat everyone as a friend rather than just a number on a business sheet!

Ryan Clark

Sydney, AUS

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Hands down the best program I’ve ever followed. The plan feels very personal and fits around rugby brilliantly. There’s a real sense of community and Josh and Sam engage brilliantly on the Facebook group. There’s always somebody there to answer any questions you have, whether it be another person doing the program or Josh or Sam themselves. Also great value for money!


Coventry, UK

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The programme is easy to follow, well explained, and I’ve seen tangible results in the first 6 weeks.You don’t have to spend hours planning sessions or wondering whether you’re doing the right thing. This has allowed me to train with consistency, confident that I just needed to stick to the plan.The support from Sam and Josh via the Facebook group has been great. Whenever I’ve had any questions on something training or diet related, I’ve found the answer in the group. Every question is met with enthusiasm and a fast response. I’d highly recommend signing up if you want a structured plan to follow that will deliver results. I initially thought it was expensive on top of a gym membership, but it’s been well worth the price!


Exeter, UK

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Sign up, sign up now! Quite simple. If you are a club rugby player or just someone looking to be a better version of yourself. Why are you reading this and not signed up yet?! The content, knowledge and SW7 community are top class. The value for money is quite simply ridiculous! Huge thanks to Josh, Sam and the whole SW7 team/community!

Richard Smith

Reading, UK

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You won’t be disappointed with SW7. Great programmes, really well thought out and written with everything laid out in an easy to follow app, great service and interaction with all the Josh, Sam and all the SW7 team who are always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Brilliant FB community as well with the added bonus of numerous member discounts!

Laurence Garrett

Cardiff, UK

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Can’t recommend SW7 enough. You don’t have to be playing rugby or sport to join as the programming is good for all. From people who want to get that ultimate beach bod to aspiring Lions!! Josh, Sam and recently Chris have a wealth of knowledge and are always on hand to help with any issues from programming through to nutrition. The Facebook group is a bonus, always willing to help and no question is stupid!!

Carl Edwards

Bridgend, UK

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Easily the best fitness/training programme I've used. Always lacked consistency in the past but I've now trained 4 times a week for 7 months. App works seamlessly and provides full history so achievements are trackable and can see progression. Full pro level support provided for all aspects whether that is anything relating to programme, form, nutrition or adaptations due to injury etc. Wouldn't use any other.

Aled Roberts

Cardiff, Wales

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RUGBY Workout & Meal Plan

  • 3-5 Weekly weight sessions depending on your training phase
  • Record and track your progress
  • Members-Only Facebook Group (Ask Sam and Josh anything you like)
  • Mobility and Yoga video sessions
  • Additional pitch conditioning sessions
  • Supplement discounts
  • Exclusive community group
  • Monthly Nutrition Plan: Based on your food preferences and number of meals/snacks you need to hit your personal calorie goals
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here are some of most asked questions

We hope these help with any questions that you may have. If these don't answer yours in particular then feel free to reach out on Instagram or via email, we are here to help.


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