What’s included in the plan?

4 weekly sessions. Sessions will include hypertrophy, strength, power and fitness elements. We will also focus on certain aspects of fitness during each 6-week phase.

Why is it only £19.99 per month or £179.88 annually?

We have a genuine belief in our training methods and have the utmost confidence in our program. We want to help people achieve their potential with the correct guidance so we have priced it in a such a way that makes it accessible to the masses.

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes. Just let us know and we'll cancel your payments. You will pay nothing further and still have access to the academy until the end of the period your last payment covers.

How long from signing up until I gain access and how is it delivered?

48 hours max. Once the payment goes through you will be directed to a questionnaire so fill that out ASAP. All training is accessed through our personalised app, where it's easy to track sessions and weights used, etc. You’ll have demonstrations of every exercise from us and many other pieces of valuable information

When is the best time to start the program?

You can start at any time, if you are less experienced then we may put you through an introductory phase before you start on the full program.

What facilities will I need?

Most commercial gyms, CrossFit facilities, etc will have everything you will need. Due to the coronavirus issue we have a huge amount of homework outs too, so we've got you covered no matter what.

Are you (Sam & Josh) doing the programme alongside us?

Yes!! We will do all the sessions that you do, and even post some of our results so you can directly compare how you’re doing and compete on fitness challenges!

Do I have to be a rugby player?

Absolutely not. The beauty of training like a rugby player is that you have to be good at many aspects of fitness, this is why the program is varied. Circuits, various weight and resistance training methods, rehabilitation, and prehabilitation are all included.