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Chris's SW7 Academy Journey

"My relationship with the coaches is second to none, it genuinely feels like they are invested in my own journey."
Chris's results with Fitness Training by SW7 Academy

Chris – Age 30.


What was your training like before you joined SW7 Academy?

My training was monotonous, I can honestly say that I made more progress in the first 6 months with SW7 Academy than I had in the previous 4 years training on my own and with other coaches. I’ve always had consistency when going to the gym but what I didn’t have was the knowledge and know-how from a strength & conditioning, nutrition and recovery standpoint to optimise what I was doing. Working out back then I enjoyed the idea of an end goal, but I didn’t enjoy the process whatsoever, I didn’t wake up and look forward to going to the gym because I wasn’t confident I was doing the right things. 


Why did you choose SW7 Academy?

I wanted to learn from someone who didn’t just talk the talk like a lot of online coaches but someone who had walked the walk. For me SW7 Academy was an opportunity to learn from Sam Warburton and obtain some of the knowledge that helped him get to the top of the game – both physically and mentally. 


What is your favourite part of the SW7 Academy membership?

My first impressions of the app was that it was great and there was a wide variety of the programmes you can pick from depending on your goal.

My relationship with the coaches is second to none, it genuinely feels like they are invested in my own journey. I send Gassy (SW7 Academy Coach) videos of my form.

For example, I’ve always felt like I’ve had poor squat technique, it was really holding me back. Before the Academy working with other PT’s they would just give you really surface level answer but Gassy spent quality time coaching me and explaining how I could improve. I think the coaches at SW7 Academy have always been phenomenal and not just telling you what to do but why you are doing it, as a result my own training knowledge has sky rocketed. 


What have you achieved in your time working with the Academy? 

The physical changes since starting my SW7 Academy membership are completely out of this world. Before SW7 Academy I was a similar weight to what I am now but I had a much higher body fat percentage and strength wise I was 30-40% weaker. Why that is significant is that I am now 30 years old, so in theory those years prior should have been my peak training years where I was rapidly progressing and I wasn’t. 

Now 30 years of age and I am much stronger than when I was in my early and mid-twenties. I look back to when I was 25 and I could DB chest press 27.7kg and now I can do 47.5kg. Don’t get me wrong it’s taken time but because of the level of trust I have in the programming I have stuck to the cause. I felt like my better days were behind me and I had reached my genetic potential but how wrong was I. 

The benefits are more than just physical, ultimately, I feel more confident and I feel so much better in myself. There are a million and one things in life that I can’t control but SW7 Academy has given me something that I can take ownership over and influence myself, it’s the one thing that when I am having a bad day I still look forward to my workout and it gives me a sense of perspective. 


Would you recommend SW7 Academy to a friend looking to make a change and get results?
With the pay packet I get, SW7 Academy is the best investment I make.

I recommend it to everyone I know.

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