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Sam’s Diet Plan

A behind the scenes look at Sam's nutrition.
Bowls of healthy foods as part of an athlete meal plan

Since we have been running our Instagram page, one thing we have learnt is followers really enjoy finding out what we eat. I think there’s a lot more content on social media regarding ‘how to get strong’ or ‘build boulder shoulders’ but none of it will count for much unless you get your diet right.

Lets simplify this as much as possible. When I look at my diet, I think of 4 main things:

  1. Protein intake
  2. Calorie intake
  3. Fruit & vegetables
  4. Supplements

Lets start with number 1. We advise you to eat around 2g of protein per Kg of your target bodyweight. This means each day I aim to eat around 200g of protein over 4-5 meals as I weigh 103kg.

Number 2. Over the years, I’ve figured out from trial and error and using calorie calculators, I can eat around 3500-4000 calories a day. Now my business and training partner Josh, is probably around the 2500-3000 mark and we are both very similar height / weight / body composition. The reason I eat more is because I train 4-5 times per week like Josh but I also walk my dog twice a day, and when I’m not working, I’m chasing my kids around the house or doing housework on my feet. You will be very surprised in the difference in peoples NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). This means the amount of energy you burn a day outside of deliberate exercise. If you have kids, your NEAT will certainly be higher!

Number 3. I make sure at most meals I make a conscious effort to eat fruit of vegetables. Anybody who tells you, ‘don’t eat fruit because of its sugar content’, please run a mile!

Number 4. My daily use of supplements, which I use every day.

Ok, so now these are the things I think of at pretty much every meal I know the fundamentals of my diet. This may sound complex, but once you’ve lived like thIs for a few months, never mind years, you become really intuitive with your food and calorie intake and it becomes very easy to know how to modify around your training and goals.


Coffee! Any other young parent will be with me on this! Beware – a flat white is around 100 calories so make sure you consider this if you want to be in a deficit. My go to will be a smoothie. Peanut butter, oats, milk, chocolate whey protein powder, banana. At breakfast I take most of my supplements for the day or I’ll forget. This includes Pro Athlete Supplementation AGF-1 (aids with strength training) Glucosamine, Turmeric and Chondroitin (joint support supplements for ongoing issues I have as an ex-rugby player).

Calories: 850

Protein: 55g

Fruit or Veg: YES.

Supplements: YES


I really like eggs, and eggs are great for protein. This meal could be scrambled eggs, poached eggs but most commonly an omelette. Omelettes are great way to pack in protein and nutrients. 4 eggs, cheese, tomatoes, chicken/ham, spinach. (Chorizo is great too!). Ill also eat a toasted bagel on the side to increase carbohydrates, particularly on a training day.

Calories: 1000

Protein: 60g

Fruit or Veg: YES

Afternoon Snack.

There’s no way I can go from 12.30 – 7 without any food.

I do love chocolate, so a protein bar can help get rid of this craving. I also have 0% fat Greek yogurt, and add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & honey. If I don’t have a protein bar, I may add a scoop of whey protein to bump up my total.

Calories: 500

Protein: 40g

Fruit or Veg: YES


I love to eat big in the evening. These meals can be chili con carne, tuna pasta bake, chicken and rice etc. On this occasion its Spaghetti Bolognese. 200g mince, sauce, 150g pasta, asparagus or broccoli. Don’t be ashamed to add some garlic bread if you’ve had a big training day to increase carbohydrate intake!

Calories: 1000

Protein: 60g+

Fruit or Veg: YES

So there you have it. Protein goal hit, fruit and veg at each meal, supplements and calories nailed. (note – after a gym session I will normally take a protein shake which includes protein, carbohydrates and creatine). And looking at the calories above, it even leaves me with a little wiggle room to wash down my Bolognese with a low-calorie chocolate mousse!

When you know what you’re doing, you can eat all the foods you like in moderation, with a few treats for your sanity on the side!


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